We provide comprehensive consulting services in the area of the lease of commercial buildings of all sizes and varying standards. Services addressed to both tenants and investors.

First of all, we’re trying to meet short- and long-term business prospects and needs of customers leasing and operation of future location. We help our clients find areas which meet the objectives of their core business.

ARS Retail+Shopfitting advantage is not only 12 years' experience in the retail sector, but also an excellent knowledge of the regional markets. What's more, we know the criteria used by the property owners and property managers. We can talk to them. We use this knowledge during the siting and negotiating contracts on behalf of our clients.

We’re focused on projects, to which we can add our values: competences, contacts and knowledge of local markets and realities. We are a dynamic, effective and flexible company with a strong competence.

We advise and help our clients and business partners to increase the chances of SUCCESS THEIR BUSINESS PROJECTS.


Over 12 years of experience and more than 600 investments realized in Poland and EU, with specialization in Shop Designing and Showroom Building; we have implemented projects with emerging brands as well as established retail chains.
The process may vary with each project or client, yet we can guarantee the highest quality of the final product – a state-of-art, ready-to-use shop.
This is due to our intensive experience in project planning and predicting potential difficulties and risks, Effectively and Efficiently.


Excellence in Architecture is achieved by conforming the three principles : durability, utility and beauty - Vitruvius, The Ten Books on Architecture.


A thorough analysis of the market, customer base, target group as well as investor and stakeholder concerns is very crucial to ensure success.
This enables the ARS team to propose project methodology, POS, development and expansion strategy, calrify various assumptions as well as create major checkpoints aligned with investor`s expectation.


In the design phase every technical and material aspect of project is examined in detail, in consultation with specialists, suppliersm, contractors and all parties involved.
The knowledge acquired through market analysis, technical consultations, sales pshycology all backed by experienced professionals, gives theclient a realitic visual of the project.


Implementation requires an integrated approach towards multiple operations, planning, forecasting and organization of all the teams and companies involved to achieving successful completion of the project, with in the defined time and cost as well as maintaining ARS`s promise of superior quality.
You may rely on ARS`s teams professionalism and experience in dealing with unforeseeable problems with manpower or technology, in real time.


A Project Manager assigned by ARS retail+shopfitting controls all aspects related to the Project including logistics, co-ordinating with stake holders, supervising, quality assurance in a Effective and Efficient manner to optimize time and cost to the client.

Our Project Manager is also the single point of contact for the entire duration of the project making the transition from conceptual design to a ready-to-use shop virtually seamless and stress-free for the investors involved.

Based on this proven methodology and several successful projects in Poland and EU, we guarantee realization of the project with in the predetermined time-lines.


As General Contractors we develop all aspects related to the investment from design to actual building process, but also ensure complete comfort and security to our clients and investors alike.

ARS teams understand the value of transparency and importance of communication in maintaining a cordial atmosphere throughout the life-cycle of the projects; this reflects in our effective and efficient working style.


Design, production and assembly of furniture systems and related tasks, across Europe is niche area of service, in which ARS has gained valuable experience.
Our qualified assembly team has the experience in planning and executing complex processes, dealing with multiple location projects simultaneously.
Depending on the scope approved, our activities may vary from being general designers, general contractors, supervising and coordination to a specific aspect of the project, in order to successfully complete the project.

The ARS team provides our clients with regular, reliable repairs, complex renovations for showrooms and retail establishments.
Special care is taken to cause minimum impact to your customers with our after hours servicing model. 
We can thus guarantee business continuity, security and prompt response time, aligned with our clients needs.